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A Periodontist is the one who specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease and in the placement of dental implants. Periodontist is also dentistry’s expert in the treatment of gums inflammation. The word periodontal means around the tooth. Periondontal diseases are the bacterial infection that can destroy the attachment fibers and supporting bone that hold the teeth in the mouth. If left untreated may cause the lost of teeth. In recent years, gum disease has been linked to other health problems. This includes atherosclerosis and heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, stroke and premature birth. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria in dental plague. In order to get rid off the bacteria, the cells of immune system release substances that inflame and damage the gums, periodontal ligament or alveolar bones. This leads to swollen, bleeding gums (gingivitis). Periodontal disease can be prevented by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly. The treatment is either non surgical or non surgical depends on the condition of the tooth and gum. The non-surgical are includes scaling and root planning. Root planning is a careful cleaning of the root surfaces to remove plaque and calculus (tartar) from deep periodontal packets and to smooth the tooth root to remove bacteria toxins, followed by adjunctive therapy such as local delivery anti-micro bacterial, and host modulation. Most of the patient did not need any further active treatment after this. For the surgical treatment, the Periodontist will remove all the damage tissue around the teeth which cannot be treated anymore using scalpel, scissors, forceps and others. Following are four types of periodontal surgery:

· Pockets reduction procedures

· Regenerative procedures

· Crown lengthening

· Soft tissue graft

Conservative dentistry is the departments that are consist of specialties fields such as operative dentistry, Endodontics, and fixed Prosthodontics. It is the largest departments at the Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University. Generally, restorative dentistry is concern about the study, diagnosis and integrated management of diseases of teeth and their supporting structures and the rehabilitation of the dentition to functional and aesthetic requirements of individual. It also involves performing root canal treatment and associated surgical procedures to get rid of the tooth of its offending malady. The treatment provided includes various filling, root canal treatment surgical Endodontics, Endodontics implants, bleaching and management of traumatized tooth. The department has state of art equipment includes digital radiography and intraoral imaging, apex locators, dentine desensitizers, and odontometer, e&q plus-meta-biomed thermoplastisized G.P system, thermaprep plus kit oven, reduction gear hand-piece. A fully installed ceramic unit and conservative Dental Laboratory capable of doing specialized laboratory work. Operative dentistry is the prevention and the treatment of the tooth enamel and tooth cavity. Operative dentistry is responsible to restore up dental condition functionally and aesthetically to an adequate level and also to have good oral health. The treatment in operative dentistry are the treatments and restoration of the caries tooth with metallic and non metallic dental materials usually amalgam, composite resin, and glass ionomer restorations. Endodontics is the one that specialized to deal with the tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of the tooth. Endodontists is performing varieties of procedures including root canal therapy, Endodontocs treatment, surgery, treating cracked teeth, and treating dental trauma. Meanwhile, the fixed Prosthodontics is the technique in dentistry used to restore teeth, using fixed restorations, which include crown, bridges, inlay, onlay and veneers. Prosthodontist is who are can be used to restore single or multiple teeth, spanning area where the teeth have been lost. The operative dentistry, Endodontics and fixed Prosthodontics are the important items in restorative dentistry where all of them connecting to each other.
Oral and maxillofacial surgery is surgery to correct a wide spectrum of diseases, injuries, and defects on the heads, face, jaws, and the hard and soft tissue of the oral and maxillofacial region. It is one from the nine specialties in dentistry. Maxillofacial is the adjacent structures near the teeth, jaw and oral cavity. The maxillofacial surgeons treat the patients by surgery and the tooth extraction is the simplest type of surgical. This branches of dentistry also concern on the aesthetics aspects of hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial region. The oral and maxillofacial specialty is unique as in requiring a dual qualification of medicine and dentistry and it a recognized international specialty which within Europe is defined under the medical directives. The scope of specialty is extensive and includes the diagnosis and management of facial injuries, head and neck cancers, salivary gland diseases, facial disproportion, facial pain, temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, impacted teeth, cyst and tumors of the jaw as well as numerous problems affecting the oral mucosa and such as mouth ulcer and infections. There are relationships between oral and maxilla facial surgeon and others specialties where they need to works as a team in certain condition to give the suitable treatment for the patient. The other specialties involves are ophthalmology, dermatology, neurosurgery, anesthesiology and others. The most case involves the oral and maxillofacial specialty is the maxillofacial injuries. Maxillofacial injuries are treated by the technique of open reduction and internal fixation, using a variety of micro mini reconstruction plating system. This has lead to early restoration of function and rapid rehabilitation, but there is no doubt that many serious face injuries can cause permanent disfigurement and physiological distress with extensive soft tissues scarring presenting a particular challenge to the oral and maxilla facial surgeons. The oral and maxillofacial surgeons also using advance imaging technique such as CT scan, MRI and stereolithography to observe facial bony injuries as well as the cranial bones. It is essential that all the facial injuries are needs to refer to oral and maxillofacial specialty.

Pathology is branch in medicine that involve in study and diagnosis of diseases through laboratory or bare eyes. There is also pathology specialty in dentistry which is called oral pathology. Oral pathology is concern about the identification of oral diseases through diagnosis and investigates the causes, processes and effect of the disease. The practice of oral pathologist is includes research, diagnosis of diseases using clinical, radiographic, microscopic, biochemical or others examinations, and management of the patients. A good dentist should have good understanding and knowledge on oral pathology because they can detect the early symptoms of oral diseases by looking at their patient’s oral cavities. The microscope is the instrument usually used by oral pathologist to observe the tissues taken from infected area by biopsy. By using the microscope, they can detect the abnormalities occur on the tissues for example benign or malignant cancer and help in proper diagnosis to achieve suitable treatment for the patients. Oral pathologist helps the patient especially by early detection of fatal disease such as malignant cancer. Meanwhile, the oral biology is the specialty in dentistry that involve in the research and teaching in all dentistry school. Oral biologist teaches basic science of dental students such as anatomy, biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology and physiology. The major research in this specialty are immunology and innate defenses, relationship of oral pathogens to systemic diseases, saliva and salivary glands, microbial pathogenesis of oral organism, bone and connective tissues ( tissues engineering ) and epidemiology ( clinical studies ). The oral biology helps to graduate successful researchers, teachers and administrators in dental school and research institutions.

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overview of specialties in dentistry..

The pediatric dentistry or Paedodontics is a branch in dentistry that specialized in all dental treatments of children. It is concerned about the primary and comprehensive oral health care with the aim to help the children to achieve the optimal oral health. Provision of care includes therapeutic oral health care, restorative and preventive components with emphasis on prevention and early interception of oral disease of infant and children through adolescence. Due to pediatric dentistry merely focused on treating children, they can handle the behavior and fear of children included the one with special health care needs compare to non-pediatric dentist. Sometimes, they need to use the conscious sedation in order to keep the children safe during the certain dental treatment. The pediatric dentist usually deals with early childhood caries (baby bottle tooth caries), early missing tooth, misalignment tooth and others problems. The Paedodontics use dental sealants to protect the tooth from decay after they are erupts especially the molars. The Paedodontics also helps the parent by giving the advice on the best way to keep their children’s gums and teeth healthy.

Orthodontics is one of the most famous branches in dentistry nowadays. It is the branch in dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Years ago, orthodontics treatment is only for the teenagers which are have malocclusion (improper bites) but recently orthodontics treatment covers adults as well. Since malocclusion may interfere eating and speaking, the treatment can maximize the effectiveness of teeth. Orthodontics treatment is using metal wires as well as orthodontics brackets to align the tooth to desire positions. They also use jack screw, retainer and elastics to achieve the ideal position of teeth. The treatment also can help people with disproportionate jaw relationship as well as rejuvenate the facial appearance. The orthodontics also helps their patients with congenital skeletal deformities which affect the occlusion.

In general, prosthetics is the branch in medicine dealing with the production and use of artificial body parts. The prosthetics dentistry is mainly concerned about the restoration or replacement of the tooth whether fixed or removable prosthetics. This specialty will cover three main areas that are includes crown, bridges and dentures. Due to improve the esthetical values, there are several things that are introduces such as veneers, implant and inlays. The prosthetics dentistry will help the patient to get back the normal look of their teeth as well as its functions or replace the missing tooth, one or the whole arches. Besides that, the prosthetics dentistry maybe related to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery specialty where they help their patients through the plastic and reconstructive facial surgery or Prosthodontics in replacing the missing tooth. The most recent method in prosthetics dentistry is they are using laser photonics for denture design optimization.

to be continued...insyaAllah..

x akan kosong........

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lamo dh kito x update blog kosong nih.. jadi kosong plok otok nih,,haha.. tp xpo..hero kn.. semeta jah recover..hahaha.. hmm.. lbih pado sebulan dh x update.. bkan xd modal ko ghano.. modal bsepoh jah(try kecek besar).. cumo gak.. line internet menjadi msalah di sini n bbrapa faktor len yg xdapat dielakkan.. tp xpo.. pakat2 baco la puok2 kito plok post kawe hok nih..nati sek2 mung pehe la.hua3.. klu xpehe lgi..xthu nk wat ghano la..sruh coki bekki xpo..nate enginia kn..ko ghano ki?... bleh pulas skru kipas hok longgar pn gege dh..hahaa..nate apo.haha.. xgtu pik..hahaa..
Lamo dh xjupo..ore makin bruboh.. ad ore tuh..koho tough n hemsem ( zul n ak n amir)haha, ad ore tuh.. koho bucit (sopik,coki n ak-eh2,dok kot..haha)..huhu. ad ore tuh koho pendek rambut dio., maknonyo koho semak n kemas la.( coki,ak,sopik,zoi,zaim..aka Sie' La lpas gunting rambut tdi-fresh2 lgi jaim..haha).. tp gak.. hok pling plik ore tuh xbruboh lgsg, xbcit, xkurus, xsemak, xhudoh..srupo tulo jah..bpak boring si*&*l..haha...payed la orgnya.. mung mero ko yik.??haha.. bagaimana plok dgn amir?? nantikan kemunculan pnampilan baru amir bersama.........(suspen)..shhhh.. ??
Lamo dh sek2 kawe ni merano msalah xd tenet n tenet slow2 molow jah.. sekak mulo2 maghi sapa la loni.. dugaan tuhan blako gak ambo cayo.. tuhan telah mnentukan ap yg terbaek utk hmba2nya.. mulo2 sapa.. Abrar(mentor sc pling kawe tabik) cadangkn tarik kabel nga si Ali, si arab kedai comp depe kedai buah n sayur 7 eleven..( 24 jam boh, bekok mato2 tuan dio)...haha.. mulo ok jah..lepah smbung kabel.. dan la layan tenet stengah jam.. lpas 2, xd trus.. celako Ali.. thu korek hidung jah mung..haha.. pah kijoan ari2 mgdap monitor..ak tgk nk pecoh mato2.. smpai loni..sek2 ni xthu la dio wak gapo dlm kedai dio tuh.. tgk monitor ko, lyan movie ko, kiro butir kacang ko, men game katok ko.. ntah la.. no idea yg pasti... Ali.. mung mmg nyekit skali.haha.. pah 2. ad la ura2 nk amik tenet wireless from el-kholafa.. bnyi namo hilir dh.. mcm bminat jah..pakat usung laptop la puok2 ni g kedai kholafa tuh.. apo.. indah kaba dri rupo.. tuan semak dh.. kentut bau bsuk plok..apo ni??? kadang2 laju. kadang2 lembap sgt.. pah 2 gak.. dekat 2 mggu xd tenet lgsg.. xthu la bkpo.. xpade nga namo la abe.. el-kholafa.. nk wei napa jah sero..tarik janggut bru tau..kito gak ni...cayo la blo tgk jggut dio, mgkin kot..xsaloh dio jgk.. mugok rmah sek2 kto jauh nga kedai dio..xsapa line.. ( positive thinking)..owh yeah.. xthu gapo dh ni..haha..lpas 2 gak.sek2 ni pakat xsmbg dh tenet nga el kholafa nk mkn nafa..haha.. pade lok ko sopik sore jah,..xleh dio.. sek2 man u.. tenet kno ado skmo.. sebab notes2 akn di post kt tenet n didwnload.. ambo dimaklum gtu gak... oleh sopik,..for..lpas 2.. sek2 ni xse amik tenet la.. mugok nk prekso gak.. kno stdy btul2.. tp gak.. mcm perut la.. xd tenet ni..sero lapa la plok.. kaih hbs sek2 ni..nk telefon fmly kno g cc.. xdan sapa sblan lpas ore suggest amik tenet nga teto.. for time being,tenet kami dijana oleh kabel dri teto (pusat snoker n game 24 jam) kt mesir nih.. tpi gak..tehe la sket..mulo2 laju gilo..klu bkak youtube gak.. bleh tgk gtu jah..xd loni gak.slow tolol jah..kdg2 xd.. ambo sero koho hbs bkali..mcm mkn nasi dok..haha.. tu pasal ambo xdan nk updated blog.. puah ati dih.. ni kiro sinopsis nih.. klu nk kiro critonya.. panjng lebar n pnjg bnar.. bleh wat buku xthu,..haha... rmah kawe..tenet pling steady skali..amir la.. die paka broadband boh.. unlimited plok.. klu bleh ko kawe..xthu nk gapo.. simpan dlm dalm kain kuning xthu..hahaha.
Lamo dh kawe xngarut g xpo..jrg2 skali jah... nk tggu crito len plok.. nati la mggu2 depe plok ko. klu angin molek.. kawe post esk luso.. kepada kwn2 pre-dent di mansurah.. gud luck exam.. wat molek.. stdy,,jgn x stdy.. n xlupo bdak2 medic d rmahku, stdy adk2 n abe2.. exam nk dekat dh tu.. loni musim exam.. mari la kto pakat2 wat maye hajat..mitok doa.. bia lepah2 cmerlang blako puok2 kto.. akhir kalam....

"perasaan malu 2 kno ad n berpada2 pada stiap ore.. klu terkurang n terlebih... bahana mnanti.. jgn kerana tlalu malu kto binasa, jgn krn tlebih xmalu, kto xjdi mcm manusia.."

tak kan pernah kosong...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"blender grinder"..

special features : fakhurazi (razi@roji)..ha3x..

Ceritanya bermula pado suatu apabila aku, coki and farhan tok wakil.. pergi ke sikkah gadiq.. masing2 ad tujuan ke sana termasuk aku n coki.. tp, aim kami nk beli "sebuah blender" sbb serabut ko bdak2 rmah ni.. nok ko blender..ha3.. "nk hok mrah, tahan lamo, lasak and come"..katonyo ak..haha,..stelah sampai sikkah n pegi survey kt bbrapa buah kdai.. akhirnya ak n coki berjaya mmbeli sbuah blender berjenama mesir dgn hrga xsmpai sratus genih.. yes berjaya msi kali ni.maka kami blik ke rmh dgn snang hati..hahaha.. smbli mnyanyi di dlm ati slepas mkn ais krim fayyumi tajaan tok wakil kto..haha...han..demo mmg sdak..haha..
sapa di rumah..coki dgn bgganya menge"test' blender tersebut.. srh g bli strawbery la.. pisang la.. n mcm2 lagi.. sopik pn xcited jgk bersame rakan2 srumah yg len..hahaha.. maka timbul lah idea2 bodo n tolol bdak2 nih..ore kato.. bleh mainan baru la...mak0 mlm tuh strawbery mnjadi mgsa pertama kami dlm experiment juz buah-buahan tempatan mesir..haha..diikuti buah pisang yg dblender oleh sopik... tdak dpt dnafikan sopik n coki org yg pling excited dgn khadiran blender bru d rmah kami.. maka mlm tu kami sume dptlah mnikmati jus buah-buahan segar hsil air tgn coki n sopik..sgguh sdak..walaupn stelah dtmbah dgn susu lembu kdai hamdi.. rs mcm yogurt..hahahaha..ak sore jah bleh mkn..brat2.. hahaha
Dengan adanya blender.. senang bagi ak n bdak2 nih.nk msak.. bwang pn hancur molek.. lada pn jd smbal..amir pn tersengeh stelah skian lamo bermsm muke kt dapur.hahaa..relax mir..hahaha..awk mmg mantap..haha.. maka.. lesung plastik yg dibeli kt sikkah dlu dtggalkn usang bgitu shj..ksian btul..haha.. stelah hmpir 3 mggu xslp sy..pade 1 mlm yg xakan dilupekan oleh aku..mase tu,coki ke dubai bersamo razi@roji..bdak2 rmah bawah mrayu nk mminjam blender.. nk bwat mee goreng katonya.. stelah berbulan lamenya xmsak..akhirnya diorg terbkak ati nk msak..alhamdulillah.. individu tersebut yg drahsiakan identitinya bersama rakannya mnyatakan hasrat diorg nk pinjm blender kami..stelah negotiate dgn sek dio.maka blender itu akn dbagi pinjam pd esk paginya dgn syarat mee yg dibuat akn diholor ke ore ats sket..
Pada esknya..kawe pn wei la blender ko sek2 dio.. xsapa stengah jam slepas itu.. hp zul ( yg bru hlg, slm takziah kpade zul.semoga cepat2 jupo pgganti hp lamo..amin)hp zul berbnyi.. memecah keheningan pagi tuh.. tibo2.. zul terkejut..ak pn terkejut bgitu jgk zaim.. "blender korang berasap la"..kato individu tersebut.. sdah....kato kawe.. xpo la..zul..acu try cubo demo g tgk lagu mano..maka sekebalinya zul dr rmoh bwah.. mmbawa blender yg berbau hangit lgi tengik.. mgkin bau polymer plastik yg terbakar.. sangkaan ku yg berbunyi macho..haha..
lalu ak,zul n zaim trus cube mlihat krosakan yg dibwat oleh mreka.. stelah dipasang suis.. blender tersebut tibo mngeluarkan chaya,..didlmnya.. " mgkin sek dio korek letok LED "...kato zaim dgn idea kreatifnya..zul menjampok.. ltak turbo kot nk bagi gagoh sket..hahaha..ktawa zul yg sgt diketahui rmai akn efect nya..hahaha..maka crite trsebut tersebar dlm kalangan ahli2 rmah ak hingga sampai ke pngetahuan coki d dubai.. stelah bbrapa hari..maka tibelah coki mmbawa srg plarian yg bername fakhurazi(razi@roji)..ore klate pggil roji..sdak sket... sengeh sket ji..hhahaha..
stelah ak mnjukkan kerosakkan blender kpd coki.. coki sgt sdeyh..xpo la.. xd rezki.. bli hok len plok..hok mhal sket... huhu..smbil mgepek kpd bdk2 rmah bwah yg mmjam blender kami..tdak dpt dnafikan.. ktiadaan blender mmbuat kami kembali kekok d dapur.. terpaksa mggunakan kembali lesung plastik tuh.. "xpo. kto cari hok len plok",,..hahaha.. ketawo roji mnampakkan gginya yg ayu..haha.. pada suatu petang..dkala ak n sopik mmsak d dapur.. coki bersma razi ( yg bermusafir d rmah kami slamo smggu,xkelik rmah lg sekat blik dubai,hahaha) telah cube mmbaiki blender tersebut.. mmgunakan screw driver set yg dbeli amir utk mmbuat pad lock yg bleh dgunakan utk mmgunci drinya sendri ddlm bliknya..haha... ketika tu,ak and sopik brada di dapur..agak sibuk kami pado ptang tuh.. "sek dio wak gapo 2 ja"..kato sopik.. " xthu la pik.jupo samo2 sek dio,mcm2 bleh jd" tambah ak..haha... tibo2 roji ke dapur dgn muke lucu nya smbil tersengeh tolol mnampakn gginya.. " ja, ad mnyak x?"kato roji.. " mnyok gapo ji. mg nk wat nate apo"? tnye ak.."xthu ak coki, nk suh blender laju lg katonyo"..haha..kato roji..tersengih kembali.. "nih,amik minyak msak + kunyit dlm mgkuk hijau, pah 2 g men jaoh sket"kato ak..haha.. sopik rs xsdap ati nk cube pegi tgk..
ZUSSSSS>>>>>>>>>>>..... bnyi yg tibo2 kdengaran..dr blik ak n coki.. gapo dio tuh.. yak bokte..wak gapo sek2 nih.. lalu ak pegi tgk la.. sek2 dio wak gapo.. "ja..tgk coki koya jd enginia"katonyo sopik.. " ooo..ore pakat jd jd enginia blako loni ja"..blas coki.. " tgk tgn cemar nih" kato roji dgn bgga mnunjukan tgn die n coki yg sdikit khitaman yg ala2 mekanik..hahaha.. tolol sek mg.. "kawe nk try bubuh enjin kancil turbo ja.,nk surh koho gagoh n laju."kato coki.. sopik dgn selamba berkata " enjin kacil turbo, ekzos motor.. pah starting gear 5 trus.."hahah.. sgguh idea sopik..ternmpak kekosongan dri nya seketika..haha.. istilah sbgini hnye bleh dfhami dgn sepenuh ati oleh mat2 rempit..huhu.. acu try cubo test skali lgi nk tgk guano.. ZUUUZZSSS>>ZASSSS.. kawe tgk sndri cahoya LED dr dlm body blender tuh koho kuat.. tutup2.. bkar bleh..kato kawe.. berbau plok la polymer plastik hok terbaka tuh..bsuk banga blik ak..
coki pn amik blender tuh..di handingnyo ke bwah meja kt dapur.. sekong c tu dlu.. nati kito angkat enjin smula... katonya coki..haha..bgitulah brakhirnya hikayat blender berjenama mesir ttpi mnggunakan spare parts dr china.. xthan lamo n xbrp lasak.. tp hebat dh cino..dlm bab niru2 ore nih..hbs bndo dio,,xpo la.. kami akn brusaha lagi dgn mngumpul duit utk mmbeli blender yg lbih than lamo,lsak n berjenama..haha/bkn jenama mesir k/..xpaka btul.haha,,..
slepas 2 mggu lbih..akhirnya roji@razi kembali ke pangkuan ahli2 rmahnya..dtemani oleh coki n sopik..gara2 bdak2 rmahnya myuruh mmbeli aym skembalinya dr dubai.. ntah la.. ak pn xthu bkpo..mmg bermsalah bdk2 rmah mg ji..srupo nga mg jgk ji.haha

sedikit info; stephen poplawski adlah org ptame yg mncipta blender pd thun 1922.. stephen poplawski telah berjaya mletakkan spinning blade at the bottom of container dan beliau telah mmgunakan alat tersebut bwat ptma kalinya utk mmbuat soda fountain.(nate apo xthu,huhu).. trimo kaseh kpd stephen.. hsil ciptaan beliau.. berbagai variasi mkanan dpt dcipta.. blender juga dgunakan d hospital2 bg mghasilkan mknan yg brunsur diet2 yg sesuai utk org sakit.. "implementation of specific diet".. dr Jonas salk telah mmguna kan blender utk mmbgunkan vaksin bgi pnyakit polio.. pade thun 1954, the millonth waring blender was sold and its still famous today.. :-)..
"Manyak kosong la"haha..

Saturday, February 27, 2010

ak n rakan2..

Bismillah.. stelah boring chat.. kto nulih plok.. hr ni sgt kosong.. hari yg btol2 kosong.. ak n coki.. jd kosong hari nih.. coki dnga msalah dio.. bgitu juga ak.. xpe.. kto lupokan pasal tu.. let proceed to the next post.. "ak dan rakan2..".
ahli2 bait ( housemates).. seramai 7 org.. 5 org dr klantan , 1 ore tganu n srang slangor... rmah kami depan nusan..tpi block c gmn..menjadi teratak kami slame 4 blan lbih.. sdak knal sek2 nih.. msuk molek... bleh wat grau blako.. amir pn..ha3..slow2..
mulo2.. dri saye.. mohd faizal.. bleh pggil peja..a.ka faiz... klu org KL la..haha.. klu pggil faizal lg sdak...huhu..formal sket sero..ha3..duk klate..pasir puteh...skolah smach.. umr awl 20 an..ha3..mude lg.. bujang lg..still single n available..hu3.. still blaja lg.. suke men pn mnat jgk. suko msakn klantan n siam.huhu.. mate klantan jgk.Baihaqi namo dio..baihaqi ray pn bleh, saen2 pggil coki.. tolol sket name die... mcm cokelat.ha3. tp tuan dio steady.ore xleh lawe kawe lg..ha3. saen baek dio roji..skoloh mara pc.. umr mude lg. br mencecah 19 thun.. rjin ber'facebook'.. rmai pminat katonya.. duk kb.. suko men bola.. team febret dio M.U.. nyepak derah.. kawe tgk dh..hu3. sbelah blik kawe.. ad duo ore jgk. sopik n faris.. name sbenar sopik syafiq..sopik ore kb. duk kb.. faris ore kb.. duk ganu.. xthu bkpo..hu3. sopik ore smart..yih lg smart.. sopik skoloh kb. yih skoloh ganu..sek2 dio mnat dgr cramoh ust. jaha.. hebat2 sek2 nih.. sopik mudah bgn tdo.. grak nga mulut jah..xpyh nga kaki..xmcm coki..yih suko tgk muvee. byk muve dlm laptop dio.. sy rjin amik crite dlm laptop die..sopik rjin orgnya..suko kemah rmah.. loni panda msak dah..bru tnjuk bakat.ha3..yik hebat jgk..msak spagetti n mcm2 lg..
sbelah blik sy bdak bername amir.. tggal srg2 dlm blik tuh.. privacy katonya.. srg yg bgus. mnat anime,,ak pn kdg2 g laye jgk dlm blik dio.. pnda msk.. duk slagor. skoloh kt STAR.. mmg star ornya...loni fham dh kecek klate sket..hsil tarbiah zul duk stadi dlm blik dio skmo.huhu..amir srg yg kemas.. blik dio kdg2 jd guest room kpd ust2 yg mnumpang d rmah kami. ;-).. bgus mir.. cmerlang sgguh..kekalkn..
blik pling jauh.tpi toilet.. blik zul n zaim.. double ZZ.. jgn tdo..ZZZ.haha. zul ore kuat kami.. tbuh tough,,bdan sasa.. pling rjin stady. ore bachok dio nih.. srg yg diplomasi.. mcm duta kpd rmah kami la.. ore yg bgus..dr segi agame n plajaran..mmg mantap.. klebihan dio.panda "men angin". klu bual nga dio.. byk dgr dio suko pado kecek.. kro trademark dio la tuh..ko ghano zul.HAHAHA..abe zaim kto..orgnya smart.. hmsem.atlet ping pong rmah nih.. spin 360 darjah. hebat2.. rjin mnolong kt dapur.. rjin stady.. srg yg matang..umr pn matang jgk.. selari umrnya bersamo sy n zul.huhu. duk kb jgk..skoloh mara kt ganu..same mcm zul jgk.ok2.. itulah housemates sy 7 org sumenya. klu nk knal lbh lanjut,,ckp la ..dan stakat 2 sj coretan kali nih.. trimo kasih kepado 3com. pnaja tenet kami..sekian dlu bwat ms ini.. "Daripada Abu Hurairah Abdul Rahman Bin Sakhr r.a. katanya, "aku dengar Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda, apa yang ku tegahkan kamu daripadanya maka hendaklah kamu menjauhinya dan apa yang aku perintahkan kamu dengannya maka hendaklah kamu kerjakan daripadanya sedaya upaya kamu. Sesungguhnya telah binasa umat sebelum kamu oleh kerana banyak pertanyaan mereka dan perselisihan mereka terhadap nabi-nabi mereka."

(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

"hampir kosong",,,,.

saya sudah ade blog..

Setelah lamo tgk ore ado blog.. kto pn nk bwat jgk la.. coki n sopik.. slaku pransang.. * rangsang gapo xthu..hahaha. kwn2... bwat blog ni.. klu ad ms je.. sy ni, ad ms time ni jah.. mayb ni post yg ptame n trakhir.. mgkin la.. klu ad ms, kto post byk. crito2. pgalaman.. insyaAllah.. dpt iktibar blako puaok2 kto.. ko guano ki? tp gak.. sero malu jgk ad blog nih.. xthu nk nulih gapo.. kto bkn sek sdak.. supo demo2 blako.. org ckp.. nk try2.. xcubo, xthu.. semangt tu kno ad..+ve2..

Klu kto ad slah slp slamo nulih dlm blog nih...hrp2 badi tegur la... teguran mmbina klau bleh. klu xpehe bhaso klate.. kto mitok maaf byk.. kto bru nk start.. xleh nk kecek luar lg..ha3. klu nk knal sy dgn lbh lanjut.. kto jupo plok dlm post seterusnya yg bertajuk " ak n bdak2 rmah ak".. ni slaku pngenalan jah.. smoge smuanya berjalan lancar.. niat pling utama hanya kerana ALLAH S.W.T... blog ni jgk menjadi medium bg rakan2 rmah sy utk melontarkan pandangan2 mereka..(kecek luar sket)haha...lg 1,tenet rmah kto slow. xleh nk on9 sokmo.. jumpe di len mase.akhir kate..
"sungguh kosong",,,,